This is the large tree that the first king of Pasion, Junguudo, put out as are symbol, and the center of the country, so would not the tree be generally known as the <<start>>. People call this the <<Beginning Tree Aragorn>>, although not many people know that.

It is over 200 meter tall.

The city of Pasion was made around this tree as its the center and is surrounded by the forest. Or rather, you could say that Pasion is the forest, since everything is made out of trees.

It is believed that the blessing from the Tree of Origin, Aragon, will make the climber a strong, honorable, and respectable person. Such rituals has become a tradition. Generally, it is for the Gabranth children, but in the past there has been Humas who has climbed the tree as well.

The Tree of Origin, is greatly revered by the Gabranth. Any other race who even touches the tree will be incur the ceaseless wrath of Gabranth.

It is rumored that if you are sick with a disease or injury, if you just touch the tree it will heal it. If you have baby that doesn’t stop crying, if you bring the baby into the vicinity of the tree it will stop crying. There are other mysterious rumors about what the tree has done or is capable of doing.

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