The Ashura Race is a species of Evila. They control the Raohrb Desert.

When those of the Ashura Tribe reach the age of 40, their appearances becomes the figure of humans in their twenties.


The Ashura have violet hair.

They usually wear blue clothes and a turban-like hood, and bandages to cover their mouths. They also wield twin blades.


Near the riverbank, people prepare a large pot, it is there that all the ingredients are placed and cooked. The tribe use it to cook whenever there is a celebration or a feast. Everyone from the tribe gathers around the pot to eat and celebrate.

It was also a time when their dead comrades’ soul will be resurrected and be with them at the same time it is an opportunity for the people to get drunk.

The women take charge of ordering the men when cooking. The women yell at the men when they put in the ingredients to early or when their vegetable cutting is sloppy. It is like the men are useless when it comes to preparing food. But in actuality, the job of the men of the Ashura Tribe is normally to hunt or fight or to face danger while the women’s job is to provide support. So, for feasts it is really the women that have the upper hand. The men have no choice but to do what the women say.