The Baron Bone Lizard, is an SS ranked monster.

It is similar to the komodo dragon. The contours and physique of this monster are the same, however, its size is beyond comprehension. The Baron Bone Lizard’s power is proportional to the size of the Forbidden Emperor Cloud. Since the energy of the clouds is usually confined within the lake, the Baron Bone Lizard absorbs its power from the red rain. It is because of this that the larger the cloud is, the more powerful the Baron Bone Lizard becomes. Even if it is slain, after some time, it will respawn from the lake. The one that attacked Hiiro was at least 10 meters long. Furthermore, it has no muscle nor meat, making it unclear as to how it is capable of movement. It’s whole frame is constructed out of bones. It looked as if a dinosaur fossil at a museum had come back to life. The bones are pure bright red. It emits a crimson glow that one could use to clearly identify it in the middle of the night.

It usually stays holed up in the bottom of the lake.

It’s weak point is a cylindrical bone which acts like its core. Unlike the other bones, this one singular bone has a considerably lower defense value. Meaning that if it’s destroyed, it will be defeated. However, no normal adventurer would be capable of easily destroying it. Only those that have over 600 Attack Points are capable of destroying said bone.

Basically, it’s weak in close-combat. It mostly consisted of ranged-attacks. It’s specialty is shooting it’s Bone Ball, a red orb.

It is a timid creature, it waits for an opportunity when magic cannot be used before beginning its hunt. It appears that it usually fed on weak monsters that lived in the lake.

Because Baron Bone Lizards are originally born from the red rain, it will not cause damage to them.