It looks more like an Evila, than a monster. It had a freely extending prehensile tail, and a body covered in tough scales. The traits of the Ashura Race were still visible, a flat forehead , and above was a head of white hair that didn’t give off a sense of life. In contrast, his pure red eyes surely conveyed a strong desire to live. His feet, are furnished with sharp claws. There is an orb the size of a fist embedded in the pit of the monster’s stomach. And the orb appeared to be going through a steady cycle of expansion, and contraction, almost as if it were a beating heart. This is the monster’s core. Though it looks like a blatant display of its weak point, but it’s not that simple. That orb’s defense is quite high.


Absorbed CreaturesEdit


After absorbing Regund who was very skilled at using sand. Using it in desert will be effective against both single and multiple targets with all the sand.

The monster is able to use long duration Sand Armor. Sand circles the monster’s feet, and it rises to cover its body. After a while, its whole body is coated in sand, and the sand’s color begins to change back to its violet coloration. Though the monster’s appearance doesn’t changed in the slightest, there is definitely sand circulating over his body.