Language Edit

The language of this world is called << Ranarisu >>.

Currency Edit

Rigin is this world's currency. Rigin nearly had the same value as Japan’s yen.


This world’s measurement of Tail is about the equivalent of a centimeter. The only thing different is the name.

Time Edit

The year was called “Anol“, currently it is 214 Anno Anol.


January: Nalwine

February: Nunui

March: Guweron

April: Guviris

May: Losron

June: Norui

July: Kelves

August: Urui

September: Ivanness

October: Nalbress

November: Hisui

December Grisron

There are twenty-eight days in each month.


Spring: Esuil

Summer: Raer

Autumn: Jarvas

Winter: Riu

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