The Evila are a race of powerful people who possess demonic traits such as wings, pointed ears and horns, They are have a much longer lifespan than the Humas and are much more powerful.

The Evila have great magical power, but are inferior in that to the Pheom (who are very weak physically).

The Evila have great physical strength but are inferior in that to the Gabranth (who possessed no magic power at all until the Binding Technique was developed).

But the fact that the Evil have all these strengths with no glaring weaknesses means they are the most powerful race in the world, this makes them both respected and feared.

There are a large number of Evila tribes but the individual populations of each are quite low. Even the largest group, the Imps, total only about 200 people. Each tribe prefers only to associate with their own, which is why there are only small isolated communities and no towns found on their continent, with their sole city being the capital.

Disputes with other races Edit

The fact that they are the strongest means that many within their ranks believe that gives them the right to exterminate other races and rule the whole world. In particular many horrible war crimes were committed by the previous demon lord and the current ruler spent years trying to savage their destroyed reputation with little to show for it.

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