The Evila Continent or the Demon World has many settlements, but all of them have low populations. This is as the Evila typically group together within their own race and form their own settlements. As such, there are no large communities as the number of Evila within a single race is not enough to be considered a town.

However, there is an exception to this, namely the Demon Capital Xaos. It was formed by the First Demon Lord who sought strong Evila. She attracted them to move to one place and seduced them. As such, many of the Evila within Xaos have her blood.

As the Demon World has harsh environments and strong monsters, other races living on this continent are rare. However, the harsh environment also forced the Evila to adapt and become strong, accounting for their superior natural abilities.

Geography Edit

The landscape is as naturally formed as the Gabranth Continent. The vast forests and lakes are spread across the land. However, the forests and lakes take upon strange hues.

Crimson Lakes and Obsidian Forests. Although a strange sight, a desert could also be found further away. However, unlike the Gabranth or Humas continents, there are barely any signs of buildings. The lack of them is so significant, it made one wonder whether they had any towns or villages.

Locations Edit


Venom Mountain

Raohrb Desert

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