Forbidden Emperor Cloud, are red clouds that blanket the sky. Following this, Red Rain which is considered rare in this world, begins to fall. The red rain barely ecompasses the area surrounding the island on which Liliyn’s mansion was positioned. That is to say, this rain only falls upon the lake that surrounds it.

The Forbidden Emperor Cloud is a cloud that consists of evaporated red rain. The evaporated water rises through the air and swirls into a cloud and, after a substantial amount of time passes, falls back down to earth in the form of rain.

The color is not the only thing about the Red Rain that is different than normal. There is another unique trait that it possesses. It makes magic ineffective. Basically, it has the power of a magic seal.

When this rain begins pouring, magic cannot be used within the vicinity. Although the reason for this is still unknown. The rain is called Magic Canceller. It possesses the effect of forcibly shutting down magic. As such, those who are near the rain are deprived of the use of magic. In other words, rather than sealing magic itself, it suppresses the emission of magic, magic itself. Instead of sealing magic, it seems to seal the use of magic power. The magic seal caused by the red rain is an abnormal status.

If you were only to touch, then no problem should arise. Red rain possesses characteristics similar to water. However, unlike normal water, red rain possesses considerable weight. In addition, it pelts down from high above in the sky. If one were to be rained upon, the shock received would be quite significant. Hence, trying to pass through that rain would prove quite traumatizing.

It rains continuously, however, the river does not overflow. The reason is that, the monsters living in the lake were absorbing the Red Rain. There was a point in the past where there was no rain at all. Being dry seemed to hurt the monsters. Since the rain provided them with energy, they literally regarded it as a blessed rain.