The Fortuna Grand Library is a library that’s located in Xaos. It’s collection of literature is unparalleled in this world. It is also known as the Fountain of Knowledge. It’s said that no matter what problem you have, the answer would be slumbering within its walls.

Humas, Gabranth, Evila, Pheom. The library has achieved the gathering and collection of literature from all the continents. However, the library works on a permit system. In order to gain entry, one must obtain permission from both the library director, and the country.

The library has two upper levels and four basements. As one goes lower, the books housed become more important, thus, it becomes even harder to gain access to them.

Evila usually apply for a permit for Basement 1, a descending floor that often holds books that are commonly sold elsewhere. Floors even lower than Basement 2 and Basement 3 require not just permission from the head librarian, but the country as well. In other words, there are floors that require permission from the Royal Family to access.

One of which is the floor known as Basement 5, a floor where books that were never revealed to the general populace are stored. Those that are allowed to view the literature in Basement 5 mostly comprise of only royalty. Even if they gave permits to the public, the chances of obtaining one would be extremely slim. Prohibited books and archaic manuscripts, there seems to be lots of interesting things there.