The Gabranth continent is connected to the Evila Continent by a bridge. It was very similar to the bridge that connected the Humas Continent and the Gabranth continent. However, the structure and materials of the bridges were completely different. The Gedult Bridge, that connects the Gabranth continent to the Evila continent is 30km long and 30m wide. Furthermore, it is constructed out of a special ore, called Xrude Ore.

The reason behind the substantial difference between structure and material of the bridges is quite lengthy. Once upon a time the Humas and Gabranth worked together to create a bridge just as long and wide as the Gabranth-Evila Bridge. However, there were numerous strong and powerful sea monsters that attacked the bridge. The people managed to fend those monsters off for some time but eventually it collapsed from the relentless onslaught.

Construction of a more robust bridge was undertaken with incremental progress over the years. Ever since its completion, it continues to withstand attacks from sea monsters, remaining firm and reliable as it provides safe passage from one continent to the other.

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