Grand Slimes are Rank S monsters.

Appearance Edit

They are slimes that are 10 times larger than normal slimes. As it moves around on the ground, it makes a puni-puni sound. Its body is green, however, it is transparent, to the extent of being able to see the other side of its body. Near the center of it's green body, there is a red mass.

Abilities Edit

Even though it has such a large body mass, it moves with the speed of a small animal. Physical attacks don’t work against it. Not only was it fast, but it could split parts of its body to attack mid-range targets. This made it dangerous and difficult to approach.

It can detach a bullet-like object from itself. However, it is soft with impact or damage at all.

The grand slime can be defeated by piercing its red core.

Red Sphere Edit

Although most of the Grand Slime is inedible, the Red Sphere, which is the part that resides in its center, is said to be a palatable delicacy. It acts as its nucleus.