Herbreed Julius
Biographical Information
Name Herbreed Julius
Hair Color Dark Blue
Eye Color Dark Blue
Height 181cm
Race Evila
Occupation Captain in the Evila Army
Affiliation Xaos

Shublars Crusel

Lv 88
HP 2630
MP 3110
EXP 709657
NEXT 10076
ATK 600 ()
DEF 500 (555)
AGI 666 (686)
HIT 560 ()
INT 412 ()
Magic Attribute(s) Dark
Guild Card
Sex Male
From Xaos
Debut Chapter 167

Herbreed Julius (ハーブリード・ユリウス) is one of the duel participants between Evila and Gabranth.

Personality Edit

He is a wordly wise man and is a friendly fellow as he likes to talk to people. He maintains weapons for either his work or hobby. He is a worthy.

Appearance Edit

He looks like he is in his mid twenties and has a slim body but still gives a manly appearance with his three horns growing on his forehead. He has dark blue silky hair and dark blue eyes. He has a calm expression making him look friendly.