->"I will distort that common sense!"

-->What Hiiro states when he uses his Word Magic to change reality to his favor.

Hiiro Okamura (丘村 日色 Okamura Hiiro) is the main protagonist of Konjiki no Wordmaster.

Hiiro Okamura
Biographical Information
Name Hiiro Okamura
Aliases Tanaka Tarou
Nickname(s) Red Robe

Hero of the Evila

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Height 175cm
Status Alive
Race Humas
Occupation Adventurer
Affiliation Xaos


Lv 230
HP 8587
MP 15860
EXP 23878322
NEXT 567390
ATK 1398 (1553)
DEF 1150 (1165)
AGI 1680 (1730)
HIT 952 (1002)
INT 1449 (1459)
Magic Attribute(s) None
Magic Word Magic
Title(s) Titles

Innocent Bystander
World Traveller
Word Master
Awakened One
The One who Imagines
Unique Genocider
Gourmet Bastard
One who Follows His Own Path
Friend of the Faeries
Mikazuki’s Owner
The Natural Enemy of Monsters,
Flash Samurai,
The God that Brings Down Little Girls,
One Who is Liked by Magic,
Easily Dragged in,
Hero of Children,
Insensitive Meister,
Reading Maniac,
Eating Tyrant,
Prince of Misunderstanding,
Excellent Diver,
Supreme Demon,
Nikki’s Mentor,
Overly Determined Person,
One who Transcends,

Guild Card
Sex Male
Age 17
From Japan
Rank SSS
Weapon Severing Sword – Slasher
Guard Red Robe
Accessory Fairy Ring
Rigin 7854000
Debut Chapter 1

Konjiki no Wordmaster Volume 1


Hiiro does not look very strong. He has black hair, dark pupils, and is around 1.8m tall, but not really muscular. Apparently, his only charming point is his glasses. He wears a distinguishing red robe, coupled with his unique personality, allows many others in the series to instantly identify him.

Gabranth DisguiseEdit


When Hiiro visited the Gabranth Continent, he created a disguise using his Word Magic. His Gabranth Disguise was created based on Muir's race. His ears are sprung up on his head and they’re quite soft to the touch. But the ears weren’t the only thing that changed. Hiiro’s hair is a silver color. He also has a tail, a body that feels oddly light, and his canines have gotten strangely strong.

Evila DisguiseEdit

Hiiro Imp

Similarly, when he visited the Evila Continent, he also used a disguise. His Evila Disguise is that of an Imp. His ears are pointed and a small horn grows from his forehead.

His undeniably pale skin also changes, growing even paler as it began to appear discolored. Furthermore, his hair is a thin shade of purple.

Personality Edit

Hiiro is an arrogant man who follows his own path wherever he goes. He is extremely self-centered and only does something if it is useful or interesting to him or is given sufficient compensation for it.

He can be very observant as he saw through the Humas' kingdoms deceit and insanity about their current situation and has no desire to partake in their selfish war. This is also in part due to his cautious personality.

As Hiiro discovers his own power, Word Magic; he takes it upon himself to control and master his own power to avoid dying from rebound of his own.

He is also very thickheaded and dense as he fails to notice the other female characters falling in love with him.

Despite the above, he is a good guy at heart. While he won't do something unless he gets something out of it, though in some cases he will do something then just say that they owed him one. He also has a soft spot for animals, especially dogs.

Aside from books, Hiiro also really likes delicious food. He will often accept a meal as payment for his assistance.

When Hiiro finds someone situation too bothersome for him to handle he angrily scolds them back to reality from what he observed from them to make sure they stand on their own to make a difference.

Much of Hiiro's personality and beliefs were inherited from his late mother.

History Edit


He went on a trip with his parents at the age of 6. On a blind curve on a mountain road, they were run off the road by an oncoming driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel. Hiiro was miraculously unhurt when the car went off the road because his mother protected him with her own body. As she bled to death in front of him she encouraged him to live life to its fullest possible enjoyment and to not to endure anything he didn't want to. He has followed that philosophy ever since.

As he had no close relatives left, he wound up in an orphanage. Due to his had-to-deal with personality, he was not adopted and spent his entire childhood there. He wound up being the oldest orphan there and got used to looking after and dealing with the younger children. They seemed to be fond of him and he still has fond memories of it.

He made some friends there, but more than that, he loved books, so he read nothing but books all day. The books were more of a friend to him than any human.


He was sent to school, however did not pay attention in classes, either skipping or reading books. Despite this, he manages to score full marks on his tests, to the dismay of Chika.

Plot Edit

The Start of an Adventure Edit

Hiiro and 4 of his classmates are summoned to Victorias via the usage of a large ritual performed by First Princess Lilith. Once there, he and the other 4 are taken to see the king, Rudolph van Strauss Arcliam. Rudolph explains that they were summoned there as heroes to battle the Evila who were planning to destroy the Humas. But Hiiro was shocked to hear that he had risked the lives of his own daughters to do so, two of whom had died and one was in a coma. Noticing that there were 5 people there instead of the expected 4, the king asks them to check their Status. All of them are surprised when a screen pops up in front of them with their abilities.

Rudolph asks them to check their titles for the title Hero. To their delight it does say so and they again become excited. However, Hiiro does not have it and instead has the title Innocent Bystander. Everyone present are shocked. As the conversation turns to their families back home, Rudolph tells them not to worry and that they will be sent safely home after the Demon Lord was beaten. The 4 heroes buy his story but Hiiro does not, seeing the guilty look on the face of the princess next to him. Hiiro sees no reason to blindly follow the words of a stranger, especially one who just sacrificed his own daughters. Reasoning that he is just a normal guy who would be of no use to them, he insists on acting on his own and departs the palace.

Needing to earn money and gain levels, he registers with the Adventure Guild right away and takes the easiest quest he can find, collecting herbs outside of town. On his way out of town, he chats with an old lady telling fortunes by the side of the road. She recognizes him as a person not native to their world and is fascinated enough to give him a reading for free. She gives him his first lesson on magic use. How to draw out his magic power, as well as warning him about the importance of understanding the effects of his own magic. These lessons were very important and may have saved his life, as the rebound from his powerful magic might have proven fatal to him otherwise.

While on that first quest he takes the opportunity supplied by his isolation to test out his new magic. He is stunned and delighted by the amazing power and versatility of his new magic and realizes his life will be much easier if he can master it. He soon moves on to harder quests, hunting monsters. Although he finds it difficult to kill other living things at first, he knows he must do what is needed to survive. He also tests out what his magic can and cannot do and finds all kinds of challenges to enjoy. During that time he purchased the signature red robe that will become his calling card in the future. He raised his rank at the guild in only a week, and the staff were all raving about him. This was troublesome for Hiiro though. If the king heard he was that powerful, he might forcibly recruit him to aid the heroes, which was the last thing he wanted. So he immediately made plans to leave the country. His decided to travel the world and his first destination was the Gabranth continent.

On his way west he stopped for a night at a village called Ames. He found the place unfriendly towards strangers but soon discovers why. The townspeople were being bullied by two notorious adventurers who were doing whatever they felt like. No one in town had enough power to defeat them and Hiiro wasn't about to aid them just out of the kindness of his heart. But when he owner of the weapon shop offered Hiiro his finest sword in exchange for his help he was suddenly motivated. He stunned the townspeople by easily defeating the duo with remarkable magic. In return he received a katana called the Thorn Sword-Piercer, an important companion that would save his life many times after that. But their expressions of gratitude made him uncomfortable so he snuck out of town before dawn and continued his journey.

First Traveling Companions Edit

Hiiro runs out of food while crossing the mountains and stumbles across a campsite where he tries to steal some fish being grilled there. This leads to an argument with thee owner of that food Arnold Ocean, who was preparing a meal for himself and his adopted daughter Muir Castrea. Arnold sees no reason to offer Hiiro charity, as Hiiro isn't even asking him politely for help, but demanding food instead. While they argue, the campsite is attacked by four large monsters. Arnold cannot hope to defeat them alone while protecting the helpless Muir, but Hiiro demands food in exchange for his help. As the fish were destroyed during the fight, Arnold must make a deal offering to cook him a meal with his best provisions in exchange for his help. Hiiro then easily wipes out the monsters and gets treated to a fabulous meal.

During the meal he easily recognized Muir as a Gabranth, but to their surprise and relief he doesn't give a damn about the race differences. He also tells them about his plans to visit the beast continent, which shocks them. Tensions are also high between the Humas and Gabranth because the Gabranth, including Arnold, were once enslaved by the Humas. Even though it's outlawed now, it still happens behind the scenes. Hiiro insists on going anyway, despite the danger. Since they're going to the same place, they decided to travel together.

(In the light novel and mange version the group meets a girl named Winkah Jio at a hot spring. The poor girl was starving to death and they gave her food. She had been searching for her missing father ever since her mom dies when she was 7. They traveled together for a while but eventually separated due to their goals being different. This character was added retroactively into the web novel version much later due to her popularity)

They arrive at Surge, the town at the border of the two continents. By coincidence, it happens to be the Raer Festival that day. Though Hiiro hates crowds, when Arnold mentions many famous food stalls in operation, he agrees to enjoy it with them. In a good mood from all the food, Hiiro finally tells them about his powerful magic, which they had been very curious about. Hiiro would have trouble crossing the border because he failed to obtain the visa he needs to cross legally. But with help from Arnold, he crosses to border by flying across using his magic.

Exploring the Beast Continent Edit

Needing a disguise to avoid problems, Hiiro uses his magic to disguise himself as a Gabranth. The group encounters their first unique monster, a red boar. Arnold insists they need to run but Hiiro is totally confident in his magic. In the end Hiiro barely manages to put the monster to sleep with his magic and kill it. Then they arrive at the nearby village of Doggam and they are showered with gratitude by the inhabitants who had been terrified of the monster. Arnold meets his old friend Max again. They help to gather honey and enjoy the tasty treats that are are a specialty of the village. As they leave Max lends them a pair of Raidpics that will make their journey to Beast Kingdom: Pasion much faster and easier.

One night, while his companions were asleep he spots a group of Faires nearby, his first encounter with the Pheom. They are equally shocked by his ability to see them. Usually Humas lack the ability to see Pheom. He was shocked they could see through his disguise and learned that they had the power to see only the truth. Orun is so fascinated by their encounter that she drags him through a portal to the Fairy Garden. There he meets their queen Niño. They have a strange but interesting conversation. Before being sent back they give him a ring as proof of their friendship and a bit of power Niño says will allow them to meet again in the future. Upon his return he realizes he has been up all night and insists on taking a nap.

Upon their arrival in Ritenbu, they are shocked to learn that the Gabranth are about to go to war with the Evila. They decide to hurry on to Pasion. They send the Raidpics back as they prepare to enter the Cree Caves. The caves are dangerous and the last boss backs them into a corner when it captures Muir. But the formerly helpless girl finally accesses the power of her Binding and helps them defeat the monster. Nut when Hiiro goes back to collect the proof of it's defeat he encounters Crouch. The Three Warriors had been collecting the corpses of powerful monsters to turn into zombies for their war with the Evila. Interested in Hiiro who had beaten this monster, Crouch tested him and found him quite powerful. Crouch wanted him as a subordinate, but Hiiro refused. Lacking the time to persuade him, Crouch left with the corpse, planning on finding him in Pasion later. Hiiro decided he won't be staying long in the capital as a result.

Beast Kingdom: Pasion Edit

After a tour of the city and a lecture on the legend to the famous tree Aragon, Arnold leads them to a secret laboratory when they find a tiny girl passed out drunk. They are shocked when Arnold introduces her as his master, Rarashik Fan’naru. She was annoyed with Arnold for leaving her and vanishing for so many years. Hiiro learns not to underestimate her very quickly. They discuss the war and Rarashik believes it's a hopeless cause. She developed the Binding to help them compete with magic, but it's a new too new of a technique to compete on a level playing field with magic of the Evila. There are far too few who are skilled enough to use it at a high level. The Gabranth were too Hot-Blooded to listen to her advice and were headed for inevitable defeat if they tried to go to war now.

Rarashik seems very impressed with Hiiro's mind and he calmly analyzes the situation. The only way to avert the worst case scenario would be for a powerful person to destroy the only bridge connecting the two continents. To their surprise, the Demon Lord does just that and delays the war for the time being. Arnold wishes for Rarashik to accept Muir as her new disciple and she finally agrees to give her a try-out. Though Muir struggles to win the "test" she finally starts to unlock her potential and wins the challenge. Hiiro later learns a great deal from her about the history of the Gabranth and their close association with the Spirits. Learning that Arnold and Muir would be training for six months, he decides he should continue his journey alone. But promises to come back and see them again after that.

Before leaving, he goes with them to visit Arnold's sister Raive, who worked at the King Tree, the residence of the royal family. Hiiro made himself invisible and went exploring alone. He encountered the youngest princess Mimir King in the garden and is shocked by the fact that she can see him due to her unique powers. The little girl is mute and mistakes him for a ghost. She had lost her wonderful voice and singing talent years ago due to a throat infection. The most talented experts couldn't cure her. But she put on a brave face so they would not be sad for her. Disgusted by the fake smile she's showing, Hiiro is seized by an impulse and cures her using his magic.

Learning that she was a princess, Hiiro can sense big uproar coming if her father learns what he did. After swearing her to secrecy and telling her she owned him a favor, Hiiro immediately departed. Needing to leave before the King returned, Hiiro packed his bag and left without even a goodbye to his companions. He just left a message for them with Rarashik. He them used teleportation for the first time, returning all the way to Doggam in an instant. He bought the Raidpic he had borrowed before from Max, naming her Mikazuki. He spent the next month exploring the continued, during which time he was nearly killed during his first encounter with an SS-Rank monster.

To the Demon World Edit

Hiiro disguises himself as a Evila of the Imp Tribe. Then he and Mikazuki flew over the sea to the Evila Continent. He finds the monsters more challenging and sees no traces of any towns anywhere. The come across a strange man dressed like a butler who is starving to death. He feels no obligation to help but shares his food in exchange for a book. The man was Silvan Pultis, whom he found to be very intelligent, perceptive and an unashamed pervert. Hiiro was not happy to be paired with such a person. But when Silvan learned he was heading to the deadly Venom Mountain, he tries to warn him away, then insists on joining him, as he was headed there too.

Silvan's master was fond of sending him on dangerous quests on a whim, but he didn't seem to mind. He found Silvan very helpful on the mountain, as he was able to detect many threats that Hiiro could not see at all. At the peak they battled a monster to retrieve the item that Silvan was sent there to collect, the golden rose. During this quest, Silvan recognizes Hiiro's sword and mentions that he knows the man to made it. As they were still in the middle of nowhere, Silvan invites Hiiro back to the mansion where he works. He offers him a meal in exchange for saving his life. Hiiro reluctantly accepts. The mansion is on an isolated island on a red lake.

At the mansion Hiiro meets the foolish and inept maid Shamoe Arneil. Along with the mistress of the house Liliyn Li Reysis Redrose, another little girl whose appearance had no relation to her actual age or power. Like Silvan, Liliyn proved to be very perceptive. Hiiro's ignorance of the Demon World and the Imps he was impersonating was easily exposed by them. Liliyn's short temper and insatiable curiosity was thankfully diverted by Silvan's perverted antics, who was able to cover for Hiiro. Hiiro opts to spend one night an leave, but was attacked in the night by the maid, who was drive crazy by the full moon due to her half-Gabranth blood.

Shamoe's instincts led her to attack the greatest power she could perceive, and that was always Liliyn until that night. Lililyn was very worried and demanded an explanation. Hiiro managed to calm the tension in the room and find out what kind of people she and Sllvan were. He was then comfortable enough to reveal his magic to them. Then the red rain begins, and he learns that the special rain inhibits all magic when it falls. A powerful monster appears and attacks them, but Liliyn can't resist the urge to show off and defeats it easily. Hiiro then learns the danger of the red rain and finds himself trapped in the mansion for days with the three crazy people.

Over that time, Hiiro manages to make friends with Silvan and Shamoe but sees little of Liliyn. He finally does see the shut-in again though, who has a new theory about him due to his clear ignorance of this world. She manages to trick him into revealing that his is from another world. She is intensely curious about him and will offer him any reward in exchange for his secrets. In the end, she wants him to be her subordinate but he refuses to work for anybody and consistently refuses though she always insists that becoming 'hers' in inevitable. The dream reward he requests from her is the highest level permit for the Fortuna Grand Library. Which is the world's greatest storehouse of knowledge located in the Evila capital of Xaos. He is shocked when she produces the item for him, but he already has idea how her magic works and believes she might be trying to deceive him.

New Traveling Companions Edit

In the end, he and Liliyn make a deal. She and her servants will join Hiiro on his journey so she can learn more about him along the way. Hiiro accepts because being with a party was more interesting and far safer, they can also provide him with the knowledge of the Demon World which he sorely lacks. At first Sivan was worried Liliyn might have forced Hiiro into his deal be that was not the case. None of them are in a great hurry to reach Xaos so they decide to spend the next few months exploring the continent together. Their first destination is the Raohrb Desert, home of the Ashura Tribe. They are know to be dangerous and xenophobic but they decide to visit them anyway.

Certainly, they try to drive away the intruders, insisting they they would endanger themselves and the tribe but riling up the dangerous monster dwelling in this desert. But their party is too powerful for them to stop and they insist of proceeding regardless. They are then properly introduced to Camus, the surprisingly young chief of the tribe and his right-hand man Jin-u. Though the monster is a constant threat, this desert is their home and they refuse the leave. They are led back to their camp to hear the full story. There, they meet an elderly man named Sivan who was the former chief. It turns out he was a traveling companion of Liliyn many years ago and they bicker like little children upon their sudden reunion.

They also find an entire tent full of wounded, many of them children. The constant attacks caused by the monsters presence are a frequent danger. This many wounded are another reason they are unable to leave the desert. Liliyn is baffled as to why they haven't just defeated this monster yet. Then they hear the full story. When Camus was small his father Rigund was chief when a monster in the desert became something different. It gained the ability to absorb other monsters and gain their abilities. They needed to stop it before it got too powerful. But in the end Rigund was the only person from that party to return home, badly injured. He revealed that a powerful person was manipulating the monster. It when turned up to attack them again, Rigund faced the monster alone to cover for the escape of his son and the others. After the tribe relocated they found the person controlling the monster had left but that the monster had now absorbed Rigund and resembled him now. He even retained enough self-awareness to set up a barrier to restrain the monster but it remained a constant threat. But Rigund no longer controlled it.

Hiiro then realized they weren't hesitating because they lacked the power to beat it, but because they still clung to the forlorn hope they could somehow save Rigund and bring him home. But after all there years, it was clear it wasn't possible and it past time they gave up on the idea. Hiiro told Camus he needed to man up and take responsibility for the safety of his tribe. It was clear from the scores of wounded around they were going to get wiped out at this rate. Camus and his people refused to accept it and he challenged Hiiro to a duel. Hiiro took the opportunity to beat some sense into him and get him to admit that Hiiro was right. Camus secured Hiiro's help in the battle by agreeing to become Hiiro's subordinate.

Camus insists that he has the resolve to win this battle, and Hiiro feels that it's his responsibility to defeat the monster and save his tribe. But when he had the change to deal the final blow, he hesitates and Jin-u is gravely wounded as a result. After healing him, Hiiro beats some sense into Camus again. Even if Camus can still feel his father's presence in that monster, he should think of it as putting him out of his misery. As Rigund had been wounding and killing his friends and family in the tribe without being able to stop himself. This is what Camus needed to finally find the resolve to stop the monster. After this, Rigund regains his senses briefly before dying and expresses his pride in his son. After that, Hiiro used his magic to heal in injured members to the tribe and they hold a grand celebration. Leaving Camus to look after his tribe, Hiiro and his companions move on.

The War Between the Races Edit

The story picks up 6 months later, when after many adventures, Hiiro finally arrives in Xaos. By coincidence Hiiro has lunch at a cafe sitting next to the young Demon Lord Eveam. A trio of thugs begin to sexually harasses the girl, putting Hiiro off his appetite. So he wipes the floor with them easily, stunning her with his incredible power. She introduces herself and tries to secure his help. She is trying to form an alliance with the Humas, but does not trust Rudolph. So she wants his help in defending her homeland if things go very wrong. As it's opportunity to obtain that pass for the Library he's been wanting a deal is struck. He then meets Shublars of the Cruel Brigade when she comes to collect Eveam.

The day of the conference, Xaos is the victim of a surprise attack by a secret alliance between the Humas and the Gabranth. During the battle he runs into his former classmates, the 4 heroes, who are practically wetting their pants at seeing the brutality of the war around them. Hiiro and his new Stupid Disciple Nikki. meet another member of the Cruel Ornoth. Hiiro then teleports to the conference, when Eveam's own close friend and aide Kiria has just tried to assassinate her. Marione is suspicious of Hiiro, but he used his magic to cure Eveam's fatal wound at once. Hiiro was particularly impressed by Aquinas, who easily countered another assassination sttempt by the Beast King Leowald King. Hiiro then sent her party directly back to Xaos. He stayed briefly to check on the Victorias Guild Master Judom Lankars, who had been on her side and might be in continued danger. But he insists on staying. Hiiro takes the rare opportunity to thank King Rudoph for bringing him to Edea, as he had enjoyed himself immensely. The King is shocked when he realized his identity. Hiiro deflects a sudden attack by Leowald before returning to Xaos.

Liliyn returns and is shocked by the battle and the fact that he volunteered to fight. Along with her was Mikazuki, who now had the form of a person thanks to Hiiro's magic. The zombie monsters released by Crouch were a serious threat to the city. Since his precious library might get damaged, Hiiro used his magic to defeat all the monsters at once. He then recognizes Crouch and gets revenge in single combat. But Eveam insists Crouch should be made a prisoner of war rather than killed, which Hiiro sees as naive. Before passing out, Crouch released the last 5 monsters, the most powerful they have. But Hiiro defeats them quite easily once again. Hiiro has done more than enough and Eveam suggest than he rest and take a rest and let them handle the cleanup.

Cease Fire Edit

Upon his return to his inn he finds two of the heroes in there, Shuri Minamoto and Shinobu Akamori. They were resting while Shinobu treated her friend's injuries. They were separated from the other two and Nikki allowed them to hide in there, much to his annoyance. The two girls had been leading the easy life until this day and were fiercely lectured by Hiiro. How they had been misled by the words of the Humas king from day one. To blindly hate a race they had never seen and believe that such people needed to be exterminated. He pointed out that the warning signs of the madness and the deception of king were clear from day one. After this speech they recognized how horribly mistaken they had been but were now in quite a fix. They were in the middle of enemy territory and couldn't even step outside to look for their missing friends. Since they were barely acquaintances, Hiiro felt no obligation to help them either.

Liliyn then discusses her own dreams with Hiiro, about establishing a place which welcomes everyone. A place where everyone could have fun together. She was surprised how enthusiastic he was about the idea and he decides to fully support this concept. Hiiro and his party were summoned to an official audience with the Demon Lord. Shuri and Shinobu asks to go along too. They have decided to take responsibility for their mistakes, surrender to the Demon Lord, and accepting her judgment. Curious what would happen, Hiiro allows it and it becomes quite a controversial scene. They all become the center of suspicion. but the girls convinced Eveam to listen to their story. In the process Hiiro publically revealed himself as a summoned person, seeing no reason to hide it any longer. Eveam believes their story and spares the girls, placing them under house arrest.

Hiiro's party is then treated to a tasty feast prepared by the royal chef Musun. A search is begun for the missing heroes with no result. To Hiiro's annoyance, the library remains closed since there was still a risk of another attack. The eliminate the chance of enemy reinforcements, Hiiro volunteers to go destroy the remaining bridge leading to the Humas continent. He accomplishes the attack easily with zero casualties and easily makes his escape despite a battle with the leader of the Three Warriors Barid. Everyone continues to be shocked by his power.

Settling the Conflict Edit

After this Hiiro became a trusted source of advice for Eveam. He warned her that her approach to foreign policy was far too naive and she needed to think of the motives and desires of the other side too. He was the one who suggested a simple but brilliant strategy to deal with the Gabranth and she adopted adopted it wholeheartedly. At this point, the Gabranth couldn't hope to win a direct conflict, not with so many of their forces captured. So she offered the an alternative to settle things. They would have a formal duel with the strongest fighters on both sides participating. The Gabranth could select the time, place and the parameters of the duel. That way, they would have no cause for complaint if they still lost despite every advantage. The simple and hot-blooded King agreed to this proposal and Eveam said would release the prisoners as a sign of good faith.

The Evila could not send everyone and the Xaos totally undefended, so Aquinas asked Hiiro to take his place in the tournament and he agreed. The place chosen was not one Hiiro was familiar with, so he decided to visit Pasion and get the information he needed. That would make it easier to bring the Evila directly there with his magic. He also remembered his forgotten promise to visit Arnold and Muir, and it was well past the time he promised to come see them. But Rarashik told him they were absent, they were in training to participate in the match too. Hiiro was surprised by this news and decided he would just see them at the match. He also used his magic to get the better of Rarashik briefly, getting revenge for a humiliation during the last meeting.

With her help, Hiiro gets an audience with Leowald. Barid is unhappy about with his presence. But Leowald doesn't seem hostile, and Hiiro finds him an interesting person to talk to. His impression of Leowald as a leader was more favorable than the other rulers he had met in this world. Upon meeting Mimir again (which Rarashik had arranged to annoy him) he realized that Arnold had been blabbing his secrets to the king. Leowald is willing to offer him a guide to take him to the duel site, but Hiiro had other ways to find it. Seeing his daughter's joy at their reunion, Leowald convinces Hiiro to stay for a little while by offering him a free meal. Hirro's interactions with Mimir convince even the hostile Barid that he was not a bad person.

Evila vs. Gabranth Edit

Hiiro uses his magic to teleport the Evila to the site. There he is reunited with Arnold and Muir, introducing the two to his new companions. Arnold and Silvan get along especially well. Hiiro then uses his magic to get revenge on Arnold for saying too much to the king. Five matches will be held, and the side that wins the majority win the tournament. The winning side could decide the fate of the other. Eveam insists her only goal if she wins is an alliance, but Leowald doesn't seem to believe that. Silvan offers his services at the referee for the tournament.

The first match is between the King Leowald and Marione of the Cruel, the highest ranked Evila present. Hiiro examines their abilities and tries to guess how things will go. Nothing goes go he predicts in the fight, Marione seems to dominate early on, But Leowald overcomes everything. The powerful final trump card of Marione is eventually overcome by Leowald when he summoned his spirit Shishiraiga. Thus, the Gabranth win the first round.

The second round features a team with Rarashik and her disciples Arnold and Muir. Their opponents were Shublars of the Cruel and two captains of the army Herb Reed Julius and Eonis Kit Fal. Arnold and Muir show their vastly improved powers, but struggle against the powerful magic of their opponents. They manage to hold their own for a while, but run out of steam in the end because of their poor decisions early on. But it doesn't matter as Rarashik easily defeated the opposing leader when she summoned her spirit Yukiouza. Thus the Gabranth won the second match too. Rarashik proceed to lecture her students harshly

During the match, Muir became friend with Eonis, who had a nasty burn on her face she kept hidden behind a mask. Hiiro removes the scar in exchange for a promised home-cooked meal from Muir. In the third round Hiiro faced off against the Three Warriors Barid, Putis, and the recently released prisoner Crouch. He insisted on going in with two nameless soldiers, because strong people would get in the way of his strategy. To the stunned amazement of everyone, Hiiro uses his magic to immobilize all three opponents in a matter of minutes, giving the Evila their first victory with ease.

The fourth round had the commander of the Demon army Rushbelle against the genius inventor of the Gabranth Yuhito Fan’naru. Rushbelle was totally humiliated by his opponent who made his every attack useless. But the real fight was between the two leaders, the Second Prince Lenion King and Ornoth of the Cruel Brigade. Lenion showed a surprising level of mastery over his Binding. But in the end Ornoth's natural regenerative powers made his every attack useless. Once Ornoth unleashed his full power, the contest was won by the Evila easily.

The Final Round Edit

In the fifth round Leowald and Marione duke it out again while covering for their leaders First Prince Leglos King and Demon Lord Eveam. Despite being known as a pacifist, Eveam has powerful magic and can uses every magic attribute other than light. She also has powerful magic unique to the Demon Lord. This magic was once used by her brother to created the massive crater where the match was being held. During the fight both leaders are badly hurt as Leowald barely keeps Eveam from using her strongest magic. In the end she manages to summon a powerful sword. Leglos tries to stop her and interrupts her concentration, causing the magic to go out of control and leads to a massive magic explosion. Both leaders and rendered unconscious and the match ends n a draw.

With the game tied, one last match will be held with a representative from each side. Hiiro and Leowald are the fighters chosen. The make a wager where Hiiro will move to Leowald's side if the king wins, and Leowald will owe Hiiro a favor if he loses. Leowald uses transformation as a defense and uses fire to block Hiiro's word magic. Hiiro was stunned that the muscle-brained king devised such an effective counter against him given their limited interactions. Leowald was surprised that Hiiro's sword was still able to harm him even in his transformed state.

Leowald flew up and transformed into a fiery comet, a power he had sown in the first round. But he was left dumbfounded when Hiiro extinguished all his flames at once. He was too stunned to notice that his transformation was canceled too, allowing Hiiro to give his nasty slash on his chest. He was forced to stay transformed for a while after that, as he might have bled to death other wise. Leowald loses his temper, transforming into a powerful beast of fire. Hiiro still manages to hold his own using his katana though.

Leowald seems to calm down a little, apparently enjoying himself. He then summons his spirit, the enormous lion Shishiraiga. What is troublesome about that is that high-level spirits can negate all magic. Hiiro can do little run away n that situation. He manages to lure the spirit away and attack Leowald directly but the attack fails. So they both resolve to go all out against each other using their strongest attacks. Hiiro unleashed his Peerless mode, which greatly overpowers his body and allows him to conjure magic automatically. He toys with the spirit like a helpless kitten before charging right at Leowald, who does the same.

When the smoke clears, Leowald had been blown away, totally defeated and criticaly injured. His family worries the medical staff can do nothing for him. But Hiiro uses his magic to stabilize his condition, saving his life. But he insists that the king now owes him two favors. He then joins the Evila who are celebrating their victory.

A New Peace and a Declaration of War Edit

Eveam approached Leowald and repeats her wish for a alliance between them. Leowald used to think the idea of peace was a pipe-dream and that the gulf between the races was insurmountable. But the process of the duel had changed everything. The two sides gained a new respect for each other and quite a few friendships were forged too. For the first time in his life he can see at least to possibility for a lasting peace with another race. With his people behind him he accepts Eveam's proposal.

The good mood was abruptly ended by the arrived of a group of soldiers trying to deliver an urgent mission from Pasion. But before they can reach Leowald they are all wiped out by a massive attack from out of nowhere. Then, a mysterious group arrives at the scene. People wearing black robes and hoods surround a young boy. Those who know him identify the boy as Avoros Gran Early Evening, the notorious former Demon Lord and Eveam's brother, who was supposed to have died years before.

They have been watching the duel with interest and he congratulates his little sister on all her success. This peace, of course, was the last thing he wanted. As he spent his entire reign trying to totally destroy any hope of co-existence between the races. The two siblings ague, as it has taken all this effort for Eveam to undo the damage he did to them only to have him return again to ruin things. Everyone present, especially those who know him, seem terrified of Avoros. The lone exception iis Hiiro, who maintains his usual fearless arrogant attitude. Despite the fact that the rebound from his Peerless mode was still in effect, meaning he was almost helpless at the moment.

Avoros was especially interested in him, having heard a few things about him for the two missing heroes he captured. he attempts to recruit him but Hiiro not only refuses, but is very rude in the process. This was a colossal blunder as one of the robed people instantly attacked him. He might have been killed easily if not for the intervention of Camus, who suddenly turned up to help him. Camus heard about the duel and made great pains to get here to help. Of course he was too late to help with the duel, but he had certainly been helpful to Hiiro. While Camus intends to help Hiiro, he is also after one of the black-robed people. He unmasks the man who was the same person who transformed his father into a monster years before, he later gave his name as Hiyomi.

Avoros identified his group as the Matar Deus and that their goal was to conquer all of Edea. he mentioned that another member was missing. He said that the notorious Gabranth traitor Kokurou had already launched an attack on Pasion while Leowald was away. Marione was also effected by the news, as just learned that he was the Gabranth who had murdered his family. Before taking his leave, Avoros also informed Eveam that the missing Cruel member Teckil Shizaa was also in his custody. After they teleported away, Leowald urgently needed to return to Passion for obvious reasons the people said their goodbyes for the time being.

Self-improvement Edit

When his magic returns Hiiro beings them back to Xaos where people are eager to celebrate. Thankfully Eveam tells them to rest and to prepare the feast for tomorrow. All Hiiro wants is a hot bath before a good night's sleep. Silvan decides to join him uninvited. He lectures Hiiro on his foolish behavior during the confrontation with Avoros. deliberately antagonizing someone like that when he was in a vulnerable state was incredibly stupid. Hiiro knows he's right and promises to be more careful. He also learns that the spirit Shishiraiga is someone Silvan knows. It was noted that if Leowald was capable of summoning his spirit in a humanoid form, Hiiro would never have survived the fight. He also warns Hiiro there is a spirit like that among the Matar Deus.

Hiiro attends a fancy dress feast along with his friends where he the center of attention but mostly concentrates on the food and ignores the other guests. The library is opened and Hiiro buries himself in books. He hopes to investigate a strange red energy he can harness in Peerless mode. Members of the Matar Deus were capable of nullifying magic and he need a new method to fight against them. He had seen Ornoth use something very similar during his match and he finally agrees to teach Hiiro once he understands his motives. He does warn him the the technique is usually only available to half-breeds like him and may be difficult for him to learn. Hiiro is given a scroll to study but finds it hard to understand. Ornoth is too busy too teach him properly as he is basically acting as an ambassador to the Gabranth, while the formalize the alliance.

On a dull day, Hiiro agreed to take a walk with Camus and Nikki. He ended up having to disguise himself due to becoming famous though. He bought some junk food but his treat is stolen by a monkey. who he chases after to get revenge. Since his magic attacks bounce off it, he soon realizes he's dealing with a spirit. He finally captures in only to be interrupted by another spirit in the work of a white snake who apologizes for the monkey's rude behavior. When they mention the Fairy Queen Niño it explained how these Spirits knew about him and it confirmed they were spirits. They invite him to a meal in the spirit world and he reluctantly accepts if he can bring Camus and Nikki along.

Relationships Edit

Human Edit

Taishi Aoyama - Hiiro's classmate back in Japan. He was the only male hero summoned to Edea. He was the only one to openly object when Hiiro decided not to aid the Humas king but act on his own instead. Taishi felt obligated to help since the Humas seemed desperately in need. But Hiiro saw no reason to help a stranger who forcefully brought them to this world. They briefly met again during the war and he was stunned by how powerful Hiiro had become. Though he was happy to know he was alive, he was also extremely jealous. When Hiiro learns that Taishi has been captured and is working with Avoros, he figures that he is doing so against his will.

Chika Suzumiya - Hiiro's classmate who was frequently jealous of him. Hiiro always got perfect scores despite frequently skipping class or not paying attention. She always seemed in a foul mood whenever his name came up in discussions among the heroes. When people would talk about a mysterious hero in a red robe she would dismiss the possibility that Hiiro might do anything praiseworthy. After the war, Chika was captured by Avoros and used as a hostage to force Taishi to work for them. Hiiro feels a little sympathy for them being in such a tough spot.

Shuri Minamoto - One of the heroes and was the only one what had actually spoken to him prior to their arrival on Edea. Though he had forgotten the brief event it stayed fresh in her memory. Like the other heroes she wondered what happened to him but didn't bother to check up on him. After the events of the war and a lecture from Hiiro, Shuri persuaded Shinobu they should take responsibility for their mistakes first before going to look for their missing friends. This was a decision that would save them from a miserable fate.

Shinobu Akamori - A news buff back in Japan, she would always be curious about strange rumors. But when great deeds were connected to someone who sounded like Hiiro, they would always dismiss the possibility. On the day they met again, he gave her a serious lecture on how foolish they had been to follow the words of a king who so clearly trying to manipulate them for his own purposes. She didn't resent him for his words, recognizing he was trying to help her make better choices in his own way.

Rudolph van Strauss Arcliam - The king who ordered the summoning ritual performed that brought Hiiro and his classmates to Edea. Rudolph was stunned when a fifth person was summoned by accident with their heroes. He made a horrible first impression on Hiiro. When he mentioned sacrificing his own daughters to summon them, he could tell the man was insane and wanted nothing to do with him. He refused to be in his debt in any way and left the castle as soon as he could. Hiiro went out of his way to avoid standing out early in his career for fear that Rudolph or some other ruler might forces him to work for them. They met again just after the assassination attempt on the Demon Lord at the conference. He not only saved Eveam but had the audacity to thank Rudolph for bringing him to Edea. He was stunned that same youth was the one who ruined all his best laid plans.

Lilith van Strauss Arclaim - The first princess is the one who performed the summoning ritual that brought him to Edea. She felt guilty for dragging him into it by accident and apologized. But Hiiro had no great attachments left to his original world and was probably was the only one who never resented being summoned.

Alicia - a fotune-teller who recognized Hiiro as a person from another world. She gave Hiiro his first lesson on magic and taught him the risks and benefits of being a unique magic user.

Panis - A weapon shop owner in a village called Ames. After Hiiro saved his town from a pair of notorious adventurers, Panis gave Hiiro his famous sword the Thorn Sword-Piercer as a reward for his heroic deed.

Nikki - A girl who somehow wound up being raised by monsters on the Demon continent. He rescued her after her 'parent' died. He became his loyal but very stupid disciple.

Judom Lankars - When Judom heard the story of how Hiiro refused to obey Rudolph's orders for no reason, he could tell that Hiiro had far more common sense than any of the heroes. They both helped to defend the Demon Lord during the assassination attempt at the conference. They were impressed by each other's abilities. Though most of what Hiiro knows about Judom is from stories from Arnold and Rarashik.

Gabranth Edit

Arnold Ocean - An adventurer and cook who Hiiro met in the mountains when he ran out of food. Though Hiiro's attitude rubbed him the wrong way he offered him a free meal in exchange for helping him him fend off a monster attack. Since Hiiro was traveling the world and didn't seem to care about race differences, they decided to go together to the beast continent. He is one of the few early on that Hiiro tells about how his magic works. Though they often argued, they were friends deep down. They went their separate ways in the Beast capital where Arnold resumed training with his Binding while Hiiro continued his world tour alone. Hiiro was out of touch for so long that he became resentful and blabbed a few of his secrets to the king, which Hiiro punished him for when they met again at the duel between races.

Muir Castrea - A little girl who was one of Hiiro's first traveling companions. She had a fear of Humas before but she warmed up to Hiiro quickly after he saved her a time or two. Muir always felt secure with Arnold and Hiiro protecting her. But she would eventually feel embarrassed about being so helpless and she was inspired to get stronger. She agrees with her 'Uncle' that Hiiro's magic is 'unfair', but unlike him she never feels the need to compete with him. On the Gabranth continent he disguised himself based on her own features, passing himself off as her older brother. She seemed a little flattered and started to really think of him like a brother. Surprisingly, Hiiro's advice helps her to pass the test from Rarshik and begin her training. It was only after they were separated that she realized that her feelings for HIiro were not 'brotherly'. After he failed to come back for such a long time, she had a developed a tendency to get depressed or jealous when Hiiro was brought up. When they met again at the duel she was delighted when he recognized her growth and her increased power. But Hiiro still mistakes her feelings for him as 'brotherly'. Hiiro really seems to view and treat her like a little sister

Max - An old drinking buddy of Arnold. He lived in the first village they visited on the Beast continent. He found it hard to believe that Hiiro killed the unique monster that threatened the village. But he accepted it and treated Hiiro to great food and candies, as well as lending him books. All wonderful ways to get on Hiiro's good side. Max lends them Raidpics for the journey to Pasion. Hiiro used a bit of his magic to make sure they returned to Max quickly and safely. Later on, he returns to Doggam and purchases his Raidpic from Max, naming her Mikazuki before resuming to his world tour.

Crouch - A member of the Three Warriors who Hiiro met in the cree caves, where she stole the giant snake Hiiro's party had just taken out. She not only took the proof of them it's defeat. She also insisted on testing his power in that encounter and tried to forcibly recruit him, though he refused to work for anybody. Hiiro met Crouch again in Xaos during the war months later. She failed to recognize him since he had changed his appearance so drastically. He took delight in defeating Crouch and she was taken prisoner. She learned all about Hiiro while in jail and somehow seemed to have fallen in love with him. The met again during the duel when Hiiro humiliated the Three Warriors in battle. Ever since Crouch has been very childish and clingy around him, which he finds very annoying. He tends to rely on magic to escape from her grasp, or help from Putis.

Rarashik Fan’naru - She is Arnold's master, which Hiiro found hard to believe due to her very small stature. But he learned very quickly not to antagonize her much. She was the first person Hiiro met on Edea who was able to totally intimidate him. She was quite impressed by Hiiro's intelligence and wanted him as a 'test subject'. She was especially fascinated when he showed powerful magic despite looking like a Gabranth. She was a little disappointed that he left Pasion in a hurry, but she likely heard the whole story about him form Arnold and Muir during their training. The met again before the duel and both enjoyed being able to one-up each other with pranks and such. She arranged for him to be formally introduced to the king. They also both participated in the duel on opposite sides and both won their first matches with ease. When developing a new technique to fight the Matar Deus, he consulted with Rarashik for her knowledge. She agreed in exchange of a bottle of rare booze and snacks brought from Xaos.

Raive Ocean - Arnold's sister who briefly met the first time Hiiro visited the King Tree where she worked. He vanished from the city that very day but she heard many interesting stories about him over the next few months. After she was injured defending her queen during the attack on Pasion, Hiiro cured her wounds. She repaid this favor by preparing a wonderful meal that he enjoyed very much.

Mimir King - When Hiiro visited the King Tree he first time the turned invisible and went exploring. He met Mimir in the garden, and thanks to her strange power she could see the real him. Even with his invisibility and disguise. He learned that her voice had been lost due a childhood illness. He notices that she was putting on a brave face and a fake smile so people wouldn't feel to sorry for her. For some reason, this irritates him and he feel compelled to do something about it. He restores her voice with his magic, something modern science and magic could not accomplish. When he found out she was a princess he swore he to secrecy and fled the city to avoid trouble, saying only that she had a debt to repay to him. She met Muir just after that and she told him about the real Hiiro (Mimir had mistaken him for a ghost). The two girls became close friends and would often discuss him. Mimir had fallen in love with Hiiro at first sight and was the first girl to ever admit to feeling that way. She kept his secret until Arnold revealed the truth after it became clear that Hiiro was no longer keeping a low profile. She was delighted to meet Hiiro again. She enjoys spending time with him whenever he visits Pasion. But like in the case of Muir he misunderstands the depth of her feelings.

Leowald King - Hiiro and Leowald first met face to face at the peace conference when Hiiro foiled the assassination plot against the Demon Lord and sent her back to Xaos. He tried to retaliate but Hiiro reflected the attack back at him before leaving. Instead of being angry about it, Leowald was amused and thrilled about meeting someone so powerful and wanted to fight him again. Stories of Hiiro's deeds in the war reached Arnold and he told Leowald all about Hiiro. Including the fact that he cured Mimir's voice. A fact that had Hiiro wanted kept secret to avoid drawing attention to himself. One of the reasons that Leowald accepted the proposal to settle the war with a duel was because he predicted that Hiiro would participate. Rarashik arranged for them to be properly introduced when he visited Pasion just before the match. Of all the world leaders Hiiro had met on Edea, Leowald made the best first impression on him. He had clear strength, wisdom, and natural charisma that he found to be lacking in the others. Hiiro's remarkable power stunned everyone at the duel. His goal in winning the duel became to take Hirro back tp Pasion as a husband to his two daughters (and Muir too). The girls became embarrassed at this idea, especially Kuclear, who hadn't even met Hiiro yet. But in the end Hiiro won the spectacular duel between the two. Hiiro even cured Leowald's fatal injuries. He ended up owing him two big favors in the process which he tried to collect on later. Leowald is one of many world leaders to form a bond of trust and friendship with Hiiro.

Leglos King - Leglos was with his father the first time they encountered Hiiro. He was astonished by his ability to counter Leowald's attack the way he did. He was even more surprised at Leowald's delight at having met such a strong person. He actually put the clues together before anyone else did and realized that Hiiro had been the mysterious 'spirit' that cured his little sister's voice. Like the others in his family, he was stunned by Hiiro's performance in the duel. He actually stopped his brother from retaliating when his father was badly hurt after the final fight, insisting the Hiiro had done nothing wrong. Naturally, he was grateful when his father when cured by Hiiro's magic. When the two were properly introduced, Leglos struck Hiiro as someone sensible, wise and level-headed. He believed he was a fitting successor for Leowald.

Barid - He is the leader of the Three Warriors and first met Hiiro after he single-handedly destroyed the Multich bridge, ending the war. Hiiro simply toyed with the famous veteran warrior and made his escape. He was openly hostile when Hiiro visited the King Tree to introduce himself to Leowald. The king had to warn him to back down a few times. But seeing Hiiro interact with Mimir softened his opinion, though he knew Hiiro would be a threat to them during the duel. Hiiro faced the Three Warriors in the third round and Barid seemed to take it personally when Hiiro only brought two random soldiers with him. But in spite of this, Hiiro manged to defeat all three within a matter of minutes. But Barid was not angry, only disappointed and just wanted another chance to face him in battle one day. The next time Hiiro visited Pasion, Barid sadly wound up being Hiiro's frequent dupe when trying to avoid getting tacked by an over-affectionate Crouch.

Putis - The last member of the Three Warriors. She first saw Hiiro when he visited Pasion before the duel. She saw haw he interacted with Mimir and had a good impression of him. Despite a quick and humiliating defeat by Hiiro during the dual she held no resentment over it. In fact, when Crouch clings to Hiiro like an immature child Putis is usually the one to punish her for her behavior. This likely means that Hiiro had a good impression of her, despite having never having a proper conversation with her.

Lenion King - Prior to the duel he only had heard stories about Hiiro, but like his father was thrilled at the prospect of battling such a strong person. He was just as shocked at everyone by Hiiro's power, especially in the match against Leowald. When he heard his father was mortally wounded, he wanted to retaliate against Hiiro. But Leglos wouldn't allow it, as Hiiro had done nothing wrong. On his next visit to Pasion, Hiiro was immediately challenged by Lenion. His family apologized for his rude behavior. But Hiiro didn't mind, as he found simple and emotional people easy to handle. But he felt that out of all Leowald's children, Lenion was the least suited to be a future leader,

Kuclear King - Kuclear did not meet Hiiro during his first visit to the King Tree. But she heard many stories about his over the next few months. Naturally, she was grateful that that he cured her sister. But she did not see him in person until the duel between the races. She sorely underestimated the frail-looking person entering the area but was soon eating her words. She was dreadfully embarrassed when her father announced plans to secure him as a husband for herself, Mimir and Muir. She denied being attracted to a guy she hadn't even met yet, but her attitude was clearly tsundere. She was astounded by the final round and was very grateful when Hiiro cured her father's injuries afterward. She and Hiiro were not properly introduced until after the duel was over and the alliance formed. At their next meeting, it became clear that she felt inferior to her more powerful brothers and her naturally talented sister. But he felt strongly that she had many fine qualities sorely lacking among the leaders of this world, raising some obvious flags with her.

Cruzer Jio - A famous blacksmith who created the sword that Hiiro has carried since his early days in this world. He lived in hiding because his talents were so fiercely in demand by the world's leaders. He was a friend of Liliyn's but Hiiro refused to meet with him until he heard he man's name. It turned out his estranged daughter Winkah was Hiiro's former traveling companion. She had been fruitlessly searching for him since her mother died thy the age of 7. He was able to convince the stubborn man to stop hiding, and try to remedy his past mistakes by reuniting with her and joining Liliyn's cause.

Blansa - It's unclear when the Gabranth queen met Hiiro but she was certainly grateful to him for curing her daughter. She was also grateful that he cured her friend Raive was was injured while protecting her during the attack on Pasion. When he heard of Hiiro's ambition to created a sanctuary on their continent for people unwelcome in other parts of the world, she was openly supportive of it, though Leowald reserved judgment.

Yuhito Fan’naru - The two guys knew each other by reputation before the met in person. Yuhito was fascinated by the power that restored the voice of the princess, something he had failed at for years. Hiiro had heard stories about Yuhito from his little sister. Hiiro also found Yuhito's battle during the duel to be one of the most interesting of the whole tournament. They met properly while collaborating to investigate the destruction of the Tree of Origin. Hiiro was able to solve the mystery easily and Yuhito was quite impressed with him. But Hiiro found the man's physical features strongly reminded him of Silvan.

Evila Edit

Liliyn Li Reysis Redrose - Liliyn met Hiiro when he visited her isolated mansion after saving the life of her butler. He found her rather intimidating at first and his ignorance of the Demon world made it easy for her to figure out he was disguised as an imp. However, he soon discovered that despite her long life and great power, she is still like a kid at heart and relaxes around her. He opens up about his strange abilities and she even tricks him into revealing that he's from another world. She greatly desires him as a servant and keeps insisting on it, though he always refuses. She finds him so fascinating that she abandons her isolated life to join him on his tour of the world. At some point over the next 6 months she falls hard for him but refuses to admit it. She even stays in Xaos to be near him despite hating the place and being around her brother. When she told him about her dream ambition she was stunned how supportive he was of the idea. She finds it flattering how eager he was to help her. She has the tendency to get very jealous of other women being around him, especially whose better endowed than she is.

Camus - He was the young chief of the Ashura Tribe who tried to stop Hiiro and his party from entering the Raohrb desert and upsetting the monster there. Unable to prevent their entry, they were bought to their camp where they heard the whole story. It turned out that a monster in the desert had absorbed the former chief, Camus' father. It now resembled him and they refused to defeat it for sentimental reasons, hoping they could save him someday. But at the rate they were going, they would get wiped out eventually. Hiiro beat some sense into Camus and told him to take responsibility as a leader and do what needed to be done. Though he hesitates, he finally summons the strength to allow his father to rest in peace. Hiiro cures all the wounded and Camus vows loyalty to Hiiro as his subordinate. Though they separated after that, Camus risked everything to go his his side when he heard he might need help later. He saved Hiiro's life when the Matar Deus made their debut and has remained by his side ever since.

Jin-u - Camus' right-hand man in the Ashura Tribe. He was the one who took the greatest offense when Hiiro insinuated the tribe lacked the proper resolve and were headed to extinction. Eventually they all listened to reason and found the resolution to fight the monster. Jin-u was mortally wounded defending Camus from the monster, helping his chief to find the resolve to do what needed to be done. Though he should have died, Hiiro cured his injures, along with those of the rest of the tribe. When Camus decided to go help Hiiro, Jun-u took over as the chief of the tribe that was not longer in immediate danger.

Sivan - A blind old man who was the former chief of the Ashura and a mentor for Camus. He also a traveling companion of Liliyn many years ago and they bicker like children upon their reunion. He was astonished by Hiiro's powers and the fact that he could defeat Camus on his home turf. He appreciated that he helped the young man find the resolve to do what needed to be done to protect his people. After the battle was over, in addition to saving the wounded, Hiiro restored Sivan's vision allowing the old man to see his family once more.

Rigund - The former chief of the Ashura and Camus' father who was absorbed into a monster and became a part of it. No one was willing to give up on him, despite the fact that the tribe was in frequent danger from the monster. Hiiro helped Camus to see reason and eliminate the threat before the tribe got wiped out. Hiiro was confident that Rigund would rather rest in peace than continue to be a danger to his friends and family. Camus finally takes responsibility and father and son even have the chance to say goodbye.

Zaft - A master blacksmith who Hiiro met on his trip across the Demon continent. He was a former student of Cruzer Jio and recognized Hiiro's sword as one his his works. He asked permission to combine it with another sword made by Cruzer which had been broken. In the end a new and more powerful sword was born, the Severing Sword-Slasher.

Eveam Gran Early Evening - The young Demon Lord met Hiiro at a small cafe where they happened to both have lunch. When a trio of thugs began to sexually harass her, Hiiro disposed of them easily. Eveam noticed his remarkably powerful unique magic and introduced herself. Though he saw her as too naive to take seriously as a leader they wound up making a contract. He would defend Xaos should their peace negotiations with the Humas go badly. In return she would allow him to read all the books he wanted the their world famous storehouse of knowledge. This was a wiser move than she ever imagined. He turned up at the conference and cured her fatal wounds after an assassination attempt. Then he brought the Maou and her strongest people back to Xaos which was under attack and needed reinforcements. He even used his powers to give them a definitive victory and took out the Multich bridge to prevent the war from escalating any further. Her faith in Hiiro was not even shaken when she learned his true origins, seeing him as the hero of her people. He was able to get through to her when her long-time advisors were not about the naivete of her foreign policy. It was his suggestion that led to the formal duel between races and his power that gave them the victory, a major stepping-stone towards her dream of world peace. Those close to her enjoy teasing her about her clear affection for Hiiro but she seems to be in denial about it.

Shublars Crusel - The only female member of the Cruel Brigade, she met Hiiro just after Eveam did. She could see Eveam's interest in him immediately and developed the habit of teasing her about it immediately. After Hiiro saved Eveam's life and became known as the Hero of the Evila after the war she became interested in him. She got in the habit of showing him seductive looks whenever they met. Hiiro was more-or-less immune but Liliyn tended to get jealous, especially of her over-sized chest. It seemed nothing more than playful teasing at first. But after Hiiro removed the disfiguring burn marks from her young friend Eonis her affection for him clearly intensified.

Aquinas Li Reysis Phoenix - The world famous top-rank of the Cruel Brigade who was considered the most powerful Evila. He was unaware of Hiiro until he turned up at the conference and saved Eveam's life. He brought them back to Xaos in time to to save the city from disaster and showed powers which repeatedly astonished him, allowing a swift end to the war. He was quite impressed that such a person so quickly earned the trust and respect of not only Eveam, but of his sister Liliyn as well. However, he was quite perceptive and his curiosity also led to Hiiro being publically exposed as a person from another world, though Hiiro didn't really mind at that point. Aquinas became a little jealous that Hiiro was able to get through to Eveam more easily. that he who had been her life-long friend. Hiiro got her to recognize the flaws in her leadership style and helped to show her that path that eventually led to peace with the Gabranth. He even forced the Maou to sleep when she was over-working herself.

Marione Judou Crisis - The hot-headed second rank of the Cruel. He was suspicious when Hiiro suddenly turned up in the middle of a crisis and saved the life of the Demon Lord. He was outraged when Hiiro arranged for Eveam to meet the two heroes and especially when Hiiro was exposed as being an Humas himself. Eveam was very critical of his behavior, seeing Hiiro as her savior and the Hero of the Evila. Oddly enough, it was the mocking nickname that Hiiro gave him that changed his attitude, as he really liked the name. This was stunning to everyone who knew him as Marione was notoriously difficult to get along with. He was fully supportive when Hiiro was selected for the final round of the duel and gave Hiiro wise advice on dealing with Avoros when he showed up.

Kiria - Eveam's long-time friend and aide who betrayed her in the worst way possible. It was Hiiro who spoiled her plans by saving Evema's life and sending her group back home. Hiiro found her very strange as he recognized her at once as an artificial being. She found him frustrating as she could do absolutely nothing to stop him. It was through her that Avoros first became aware of Hirro and his remarkable abilities.

Musun - A very talented chef who works in the royal palace of Xaos. Eveam found it easy to convince Hiiro to stay long-term by offering him Musun's cooking every day.

Eonis Kitfal - A young captain of the army and a unique magic user. She fought against Hiiro's friend Muir during the duel between races. Despite the brutality of the fight, the two girls became friends. When Muir saw a burn of Eonis' face that she was embarrassed about she convinced Hiiro to remove it. He did so, earning the gratitude of everyone who knew her. They met again during the feast to celebrate their victory. He got the shy girl to open up and she began to address him as 'onii-chan'.

Avoros Gran Early Evening - The Ex-Demon Lord, Eveam brother, the leader of the Matar Deus and the primary villain of the series. He heard many stories about Hiiro before they met and was especially interested in him during the duel between the races. He offers a Hiiro a place on his team but is turned down flat. Frankly, Hiiro was rude and disrespectful which might have easily gotten him killed if not for the intervention of Camus.

Pheom Edit

Orun - Orun was among a group of fairies when Hiiro spotted on a hillside one night. They were the first Pheom he had ever seen. They were shocked by his ability to see them. They could see through his Gabranth disguise and recognized him as an Humas. Normal Humas were incapable of seeing them and they were curious enough to bring him back to the Fairy Garden. Their queen solved these mysteries and they had a fascinating conversation all night. Before he went back, Orun gave Hiiro a ring as proof of their friendship. Orun was excited to meet Hiiro again a year later, and was so excited that she tired herself out laying with his friends and passed out.

Niño - The fairy queen met Hiiro after Orun and her friends bought Hiiro to the Fairy Garden, They couldn't understand why Hiiro had the ability to see them despite being an Humas. But she recognized him as someone from a different world with an unusual magic.She was surprised that the Humas were successful with the summoning and felt the need to pay more attention to the outside world. They had an unusual but interesting conversation all night. She learned about Hiiro and the why he made the choices he did. He was very curious about their race's their ability to see the truth. She also gave him a bit of power which enabled them to meet again in the Spirit Forest, though this took longer than she thought. Even she was shocked by how powerful he had become and his ability to form a spirit contract. The Fairy Queen was the first world leader establish a relationship of friendship and trust with Hiiro,

Yukiouza - Mostly known as Yuki, she is the spirit contracted to Rarashik. She was the first spirit Hiiro encountered and he was very curious to know more. She was being used to monitor the war and brought them she shocking report that the war was ended abruptly by the Demon Lord. She encountered Hiiro again a year later, when Rarashik used her to play a prank on Hiiro when she was used to inform the young princess of Hiiro's surprise visit to Pasion. She also appeared during the duel allowing Rarshik to easily win her battle against Shublars of the Cruel.

Silvan Pultis - A ostracized spirit who works as a butler for Liliyn. He met Hiiro and Mikazuki when he was starving to death while on a task for Liliyn. Hiiro gave him food in exchange for a book. Hiiro was not comfortable being around an unusually perceptive person But Silvan insisted on going along since they were heading to the same place and he owed him his a debt. Hiiro found him a very useful person on their journey. He was able to recognize threats to Hiiro's safety that he couldn't see at all. The successfully complete Silvan's task and he invited Hiiro back to the mansion for a meal. Hiiro's ignorance of the Demon World led to his secrets being easily exposed by the two perceptive people. But Hiiro became comfortable with them knowing. Though Hiiro still regards Silvan as a creepy pervert. He did risk his safety a couple of times when Lilyn's intense curiosity about him caused her to lose her temper. He and Hiiro got to be friends. When Liliyn announced they would be joining Hiiro on his journey he actually worried Hiiro had been forced into it. He aided Hiiro and Camus in the battle against the desert monster and continued to protect Liliyn during theirlong journey. He served as a referee during the duel between the races. After the battle he warned Hiiro about his stupid decisions during their confrontation with the Matar Deus. He also noted informed Hiiro of the true power of the spirits and that the danger he detected in the ranks of their new foes. This inspired Hiiro to work hard to find a new means to fight. He was later surprised when Hiiro made a spirit contract of his own.

Shishiraiga - The spirit contracted to King Leowald. It allowed the king to defeat Marione in the first round of the duel and was also used against Hiiro in their battle. Though Hiiro struggled due to his immunity to magic, Hiiro was able to turn the tables while in his Peerless mode. Through it was noted later that Hiiro would have never stood a chance if Leowald was capable of summoning his spirit in a humanoid form. He also informed the Spirit King that Hiiro was based is Xaos, allowing them to extend an invitation to the Spirit Forest which they had been intending to do for a year.

Tenn - The monkey spirit assigned the task to invite Hiiro to the Spirit Forest. But due to circumstances it took him a year to succeed. But even when he finally found him, he couldn't resist playing annoying pranks on him while luring him away from the city. Hiiro recognized him as a spirit but was still able to trap him eventually with his magic. The Spirit Princess turned up and apologized for his rude behavior and invited him for a free meal. There Hiiro and his friends met the Spirit King and had an interesting conversation. The Spirit King believed Hiiro had the rare ability to make a spirit contract and selected Tenn as his partner. Tenn insisted on testing him and it proved to be a tough battle. In the end, Hiiro managed to find a surprising and impressive way to win the fight. Tenn is bonded to Hiiro's sword and joins him on his journey. They now have access to new powers by working together.

Spirit Princess - The granddaughter of the Spirit King. She was given the task of inviting Hiiro to the Spirit Forest when Tenn failed to do his job properly. He agreed if he could get a free meal and being Camus and Nikki along. The arrogant Princess seemed to take offense when Hiiro was not fawning all over her. But Hiiro was around beautiful girls all the time and was mostly unaffected. But he found a way to be charming when when not intending to be and she was noticeably drawn to him by the end of this encounter (though in a very tsundere manner). She was frankly stunned and impressed when Hiiro managed to win the contest against Tenn. She was a little jealous that they were able to form a contract. She also formed an attachment with Nikki who convinced her her to set aside her stubborn pride and make amends with her childhood friend the Fairy Queen.

Hoozuki - The Spirit King who was interested in meeting Hiiro ever since he became friends with the Fairy Queen, though the invitation proved tough to deliver. He hosts a meal with Hiiro and company as their guests. Hiiro was shocked by the constant abuse heaped on the old man by his granddaughter. Hiiro's presence allowed them to create a portal and meet with the Fairy Queen face-to-face again for the first time in many years. While discussing the different races in relation to the spirits, Hoozuki suggests to Hiiro that he form a spirit contract. He believes he is one of the rare few with the potential. He selects Tenn as his most suitable partner. Tenn insists on testing him and Hiiro struggles quite a bit. Though the Princees doubts his ability, Hiiro stuns everyone with his display of power and the contract is established. They all part on good terms.

Greenage - She was a spirit who inhabited the national symbol of Pasion Aragon and kept it blooming all year long. She was happy until her home was destroyed during the raid on the city. With Tenn's help she was freed but remained resentful and depressed about the crime. It was through her that Hiiro learned that Taishi was now working for the Matar Deus and had stabbed and killed the tree. Greenage soon returned to the Spirit Forest out of necessity.

Half-Breeds Edit

Winkah Jio - A young girl and adventurer who had been searching for her father ever since her mother died. She fell of a mountain into a hot string where Hiiro, Arnold and Muir were relaxing due to starvation. They gave her food and got to know each other. She was delighted to make friends who didn't care about race differences. She had always been ostracized by people when they learned that she was half-Gabranth. The traveled together for a little while but went their separate ways because they had different goals in mind. But she was shocked and delighted when Hiiro contacted her a year later when he found her father on the Demon continent. She planned to join him there once all her urgent business on the Humas continent was wrapped up.

Shamoe Arneil - The devoted maid of Liliyn who lived a sad and miserable life until she was saved by her. Hiiro identified her as a clumsy and somewhat crazy girl soon after their first meeting. Thanks to her primal instincts she tried to kill Hiiro shortly after they met. But they became friends soon despite this as she is soft-hearted and he doesn't mind her being a half in the slightest.

Ornoth - Hiiro was very surprised to find out that a half was member of the Cruel. They met during the invasion of Xaos and Ornoth was suspicious of Hiiro. He was not aware of his contract with the Demon Lord and was cautious about his interest in her status. After the war he soon developed a trust in Hiiro just as his best friend Aquinas did. He was the only person on the Evila side besides Hiiro to give a truly outstanding performance in the duel. He also witnessed Hiiro using a technique similar to his own and asked about it. Hiiro wanted to learn a new power with which to fight the Matar Deus, who had members who could nullify magic. Ornoth agreed to teach him but due to the prolonged negotiations over the alliance, they rarely had time to meet. Once they finally did in Pasion Hiiro was shocked to learn that he was quite inept as a teacher.

Other / Unknown Race Edit

Mikazuki - She was orginally a Raidpic borrowed form Max for the journey to Pasion. She got attached to Hiiro fast and developed the habit of licking his face to the point of soaking his head with drool. She was delighted when Hiiro returned to Doggam and purchased her, apparently she loved the new name he gave her as well. She was always worried about Hiiro, especially after his dear-death experience with his first SS-Rank monster. She was disappointed that she could do nothing but run and hide when he was in battle. On the Demon continent they began to travel in a group although she never seemed to get along that well with Liliyn, she is very attached to Shamoe. She was very nearly killed by Camus upon entry into the Raohrb Desert but Hiiro was able to warn her in time. At some point, Hiiro used his magic to give her a humanoid form. But her behavior is almost identical to before. She and Nikki act much like sisters and the two stupid and annoying children are always competing for his attention. It is revealed later that she can return to her original form at will. Liliyn has been known to use her as a beast of burden, which Mikazuki doesn't mind at all.

Kainabi Fonis - She is an obsessively devoted subordinate of Avoros. When Hiiro was rather rude to her master upon their first meeting she lost her temper and might have killed him if not for the timely intervention of Camus. Lilyn also injured the girl during this encounter. Avoros actually apologized for her actions as she acted without his orders.

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