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The Humas are the equivalent of the human species on Edea. Their territory can be distinguished by the fact that they adapt nature to make the lives of their own citizens easier. They are known to excel in commerce and trade. They seem driven by an instinct to dominate the other races. They have much shorter lifespans than the other races. They are also known to be inferior in terms of physical strength and magic power. It is said that no Human has eve seen a Pheom because the magic power is too low to permit it.

Disputes With Other Races[]

Since Humans currently in a state of great tension with two other major races as they have also performed numerous atrocities that caused grief and incited hatred by the other races. These included placing a bomb inside Evila territory to destroy a village and suppressing and enslaving the Gabranth.

They tend to 'conveniently forget' their own dark history because most of these atrocities were committed by their ancestors, unlike the case of the other races. However, that does not mean that those with power have changed their ways. An excellent example is that there is still a black market in Gabranth slaves, despite the practice being officially outlawed