Iraora Grokin
Biographical Information
Name Iraora Grokin
Hair Color Dark Red
Eye Color Red
Height 247cm
Status Alive
Race Evila
Occupation Rank 6 of the Cruel (formerly)

Guardian of the Bridge (formerly)
Matar Deus

Affiliation Xaos (formerly)

Cruel Brigade (formerly)
Matar Deus

Guild Card
Sex Male
From Xaos
Debut Chapter 102

History Edit

Iraora used to be a member of the Cruel during the last demon lords reign. He swore allegiance to the ex-demon lord and hates the one who took his place as the Cruel <Rank 6>.

Is in charge of guarding the 【Mütich Bridge】 was greeted by Eveam.Is merely the commanding officer of 《Bridge Security Forces》

He had a large build and was probably more than 3 meters tall.

Appearance Edit

Abilities Edit

Iraora is ridiculously strong, or so they say. Once, Judom also affirmed that.