Liliyn Li Reysis Redrose
Biographical Information
Name Liliyn Li Reysis Redrose
Nickname(s) Red loli (by Hiiro Okamura
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Height 133cm
Relatives Aquinas Li Reysis Phoenix

(Older brother)
(Grandmother, deceased)
Sharuu Li Reysis Redrose

Status Alive
Race Evila
Affiliation Hiiro Okamura
Lv 148
HP 6733
MP 5876
EXP 2796139
NEXT 98022
ATK 977
DEF 944
AGI 1159
HIT 1220
INT 1476
Magic Attribute(s) None
Magic Dream Illusion Magic (Dream Eater, Bewitching Confinement, Ethereal Construction)
Title(s) One Who Lives Among Illusions

Little Girl
Connoisseur of Wine
Monster Slayer
Killer of the Unique
Demon Who Shreds
Permanence Devil
Redrose Witch
One Who Seeks the Strong
An Unusual Person

Guild Card
Sex Female
Age 700
From Xaos
Debut Chapter 66

Appearance Edit

She possesses long hair that seem to look like flames as it maintains a hue of fiery crimson. She has, strong, assertive eyes. Her lovely little lips, distorted into the shape of a crescent moon. When first introduced, she wore a pure white, Gothic Lolita style dress that matches her red hair splendidly.

Her appearance is indisputably that of a child. She is very similar to Mimiru.

Liliyn sleeps wearing a black negligee, and holdes a plush teddy bear, the plush’s neck having cotton spilling out of it.

Personality Edit

She has a bit of a twisted personality.

She is someone that would neither accept nor refuse a person. If it is a person that she likes, the she will usually try to obtain that person regardless of the means.

Liliyn prioritized her freedom, as opposed to those close-minded aristocrats that are stubbornly fixated on social status.

It seems like she is still a child. She demands someone to tell her something because she wants to know, and she becomes emotional because someone scolds her. That kind of child.

She is a person that either has an interest in someone or didn’t, and whether that person was strong or not. She is a person that made decisions based only on that. Race doesn’t matter.

Liliyn has a personality similar to Rarashik, however, unlike Rarashik, she is warlike, cunning, and generally uncontrollable. In addition, she is very whimsical, her personality was very difficult to deal with. She enjoys boasting her superior force.

She is not the type of person who would willingly spread information about others. The abnormal is cool to her.

Silva calls her a "Tsundere Ojousama".

Abilities Edit

She is strong enough to make a dragon shake in fear.

She can make spikes of various sizes and lengths appear out of nowhere to mercisely pierce her target. They're strong enough to effortlessly defeat Baron Bone Lizard, an SS ranked monster.

Relationship Edit

Hiiro Okamura : Ever since their first meeting, she became very interessed him and wants to make him her property, i.e. serve her. Some details hints that she may have feelings for him, such as when she blushed heavily after Hiiro drank from a wooden cup she was using. After traveling with Hiiro for half a year, she grew close enough to him to ask if he wanted her to lend him a hand in the war with the Gabranth, contrasting greatly with her perviously shown selfish personality.

Trivia Edit

  • She has a hatred for big breasted people.
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