The Majuu (Demon Beast) race.

Among the race known as the Majuu, they can be split into 2 types: those with strong Evila blood and those with prevalent Gabranth blood.

On nights of the full moon, the Gabranth blood strengthens. Not all Majuus run wild. Matured [Majuus] have a full understanding of their bodies, thus being capable of controlling their blood.

There are fellows who don’t lose to either blood line, to the point that they can control it completely.

That’s right, the characteristic of a Majuu, is that they inherited the physical characteristic from both race, but they didn’t inherit the unique skill from them. Which is Magic and Binding. Since the blood cancel each other, they can’t be used.

It’s the same with a cross-breed of Humas and Evila. Unable to use magic, the Majuu are considered a taboo and a symbol of disaster.

Of course, cross-breeding is against the law. If the child is found, it will either get banished or eliminated.

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