The Pheom are a race consisting of faeries and spirits, but they don't have a country on their own. They live in a small settlement as are were extremely few of them. Hardly anyone has seen them, since they don’t interact with other races.

They are a sort of existence that lives more in the world of the mind than the physical world. They’re heavily linked to magic. They have a physical body, but those are mostly vessels to house their magic. But say their physical bodies are costumes may be an overstatement, but to the Phoem, there is no point in having differing physical form.

Abilities Edit

The Pheom, are the all-seeing race. Their eyes see only the truth. They are able to see anyone's true form. Their power is the ability to see everything. Of course, that includes Status as well.

Inherently, the Pheom are a race that prefers harmony and tends to avoid conflict. As they are the race that possesses the most affinity with magic, their physical force, that is to say their brute strength tends to be quite poor, even when compared to other races.

Relations With Other SpeciesEdit

Since they’re mostly an existence made of magic, it’s hard for Humas perceive them. The Gabranth who don’t have much magic either, are able to see them. That’s because the Gabranth are an existences close to the Pheom from the start. They love nature, live alongside it, and die by its law. That environment has caused them to develop a nature that is able to perceive the Pheom.

Members Edit