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A Raidpic is a beast that is able to run while carrying its owner on its back. It is an essential item for crossing the vast, rugged terrain of the Beast Continent. With its speed, passengers are able to arrive at their destination several times faster. As Edea is a world without suspension, the seats put an uncomfortable amount of pressure on a certain part of the body when the birds’ body bobbed up and down. It takes a bit of time to get used to.

If their new master doesn’t give them a name, Raidpics won't budge an inch. It’s because a name is something that represents the individual.


It had an appearance like that of an Ostrich, but it is several times larger, and it had a small chair strapped to its back.


Raidpics that can fly are present within the Evila Continent. It appears that depending on the environment, different parts of the Raipic evolved and/or degenerated.

Raidpics born in the Gabranth Continent, have had their leg strength abnormally developed as they can run for long periods of time while maintaining a considerable speed. These raidpics are inherently incapable of flight due to a defect in their wings.

Those who were born in the Evila Continent have been spared from their wings degenerating.


  • Raidpic is literally written as Ride Peak.