The butler of Liliyn Li Reysis Redrose.

Silvan Pultis
Silvan Pultis
Biographical Information
Name Silvan Pultis
Hair Color White
Eye Color Black
Height 185cm
Status Alive
Race Pheom


Occupation Butler
Affiliation Spirit Forest (formerly)

Liliyn Li Reysis Redrose
Hiiro Okamura

Lv 80
HP 1250
MP 6000
EXP 604441
NEXT 23000
ATK 430
DEF 355
AGI 490
HIT 333
INT 1000
Magic Attribute(s) Dark
Title(s) Spirit of Darkness

Tribe That Sees Spirit of Darkness
Tribe That Sees
Perverted Butler
Immortal Lolicon
Old Man of Sexual Harassment
The Enemy? Ally? of Women
White-Haired Demon
The Strongest Shield

Guild Card
Sex Male
From Spirit Forest
Debut Chapte 60

Personality Edit

Silva is portrayed as having a strong sense of duty going so far as to risk his life for tasks that his master asks of him on a whim. He has come to enjoy being tortured by his master and as a result he has become a masochist.

Appearance Edit

Silvan appears to be about 50 human years of age, has white hair that he keeps swept back, a well-formed mustache, and wears a distinct tailcoat, giving him the look of a stereotypical butler. Though he appears to be of the demonkin, he is a Pheom.

History Edit

At a young age Silva had to become independent for unexplained reasons and was hired to work as a butler for the Redrose household where he developed various skills including combat skills in order to better serve his master.

Story Edit

His master always gives him impossible request. Using all of his power, Silva thought it was his duty to completely devote himself to his master’s will. So he planned on carrying out his job regardless of the danger. No matter the problem, he has succeeded in resolving them all. But his master thought that that wasn’t interesting enough, so the requests became more severe. The impossibility became interesting for him too, and stimulating.

He set out for the mountain right away.

Using a sky carriage, Silva set Venom Mountain as his destination, and asked to be brought there.But as he approached the mountain, a problem occurred. It suddenly became impossible to control the carriage, and while it was planned that he would be dropped here, he was dropped far, far to the east, in the Beguiling Woods.

Silva took severe damage as he finally exited the forest, but he was constantly attacked by monsters, and there was nothing to eat. After desperately clawing his way, he gave in to his own hunger, and collapsed.

Abilities Edit

Silva knows a lot about the monsters and didn’t waste a single motion or movement when dealing with them. He is also able to precisely attack the vital points of his opponents. His actions and abilities are like those of an experienced adventurer.

Dark GateEdit

As he cast the spell, a black shadow begins to spread out through the ground underneath both of his hands. As the shadow begins to grow bigger and bigger, it encompasses the bottom of the of the target object. The object is swallowed by the shadow. In the blink of an eye, the object becomes buried in the vastly spread shadow. Although Silva’s ability is indeed useful, it appeared to lack any refrigeration or heat insulation functions.

Even in the realm of Spirit, he's not normal. Normally, Pheom do not have the power to observe.

Trivia Edit

He has confidence in his cooking skills.