The Star’s Gift written by Nazaar Skride.


In the night sky contained many stars. The stars were always looking over various worlds. Among them, a singular star was overlooking a particular world. In that world, an abundant of people were living there.

However, the world was absent of green, being mostly covered with wild desserts. As food did not grow well in such an environment, everyone had always carried out their lives in hunger. As the star felt pity for this planet, one day, they landed onto the world in the appearance of a person.

Following this, for the sake of the people suffering from starvation, they planted the something known as the 《Star Seed》. Then, although the reason for this was unknown, the ground around the planted seed began to grow a variety of crops and vegetation.

In the blink of an eye, the desert transformed into a blanket of lush greenery. That world’s inhabitants that saw this were incredibly grateful to the star. As they would now be able to eat until their stomachs were full, everyone emitted an enveloping smile.

However, the thing known as the Star Seed was also the star’s life. In exchange for such abundant life, the star decided to give up its life.

The people’s gratitude brought them to create an statue of the star. Following this, the world sweared to ensure that their world prospered, thus, everyone made a wonderful world where everyone joined their hands together.